Ahmad Shah Durrani

Tribes and castes of Pakhtunkhwa and environs

1- Gujars
2- Tanolis
3- Sayyids of Kunar
4- Swatis
5- Tirahi Dards
6- Farmulis
7- Yousafzais
8- Morcha Khel Mohmands
9- Ushtaranis
10- Shinwaris
11- Tarklanris
12- Khogianis
13- Gandapurs
14- Qambar Khel Afridis

Pashtun notables

1- Mullah Powindah
2- Mir Mast Afridi

Sher Shah Sur

History of Indo-Pashtuns
24- Arakan (Burma) under Afghan rule

Anglo-Afghan Wars


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